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In May, 1915: A deputation appointed by householders waited upon the Taranaki Education Board and urged the erection of a school between Moturoa and Spotswood. The junction of the Main South Road and Pioneer Road was the site suggested. Nothing was decided.

June, 1916: A schools inspector reported to the board that about 60 children would attend if a full standard school were established at Moturoa, to be operated as a “side school” with West End.

February, 1917: The board urged the purchase of a site and provision of a school to relieve the congestion at West End School.

January, 1919: The board had applied for a grant to buy a site on Pioneer Road, near Parris Street.

In 1922 a grant for a three-room school on the four-acre prison reserve was approved.

March 19, 1923: The department told the board it had approved the opening of Moturoa School as a full standard school, instead of an infant school as first proposed.

April 4, 1923: The school was opened at 9 a.m. – without an official opening ceremony, which was planned for a later date.

The staff comprised of Mr. F Rogers (head teacher), Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Rowland (assistants). There were 125 pupils, organised provisionally into three departments: 44 Infants (Mrs Rowland), 46 in Standards 1 – 3 (Mrs Whitaker) and 35 in Standards 4 – 6

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