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Positive behaviour for learning

The purpose of  PB4L in our community is to foster a safe and culturally responsive  learning environment. We will model, teach and acknowledge positive behaviour to GROW healthy people.

PB4L represents a major shift in managing disruptive behaviour by students in our education system. Positive behaviour is a prerequisite to improving the engagement and achievement of our children and young people.Positive behaviour can be learnt. Using a proactive approach, the environments around children can be changed to support positive behaviour.

PB4L uses a small number of evidence-based programmes and frameworks that we know can work. They provide opportunities to support long-term and sustainable changes in behaviour. There are no quick fixes, however, as behaviour change takes time.

Links: https://pb4l.tki.org.nz/

Our school values are Respect, Resilience and responsibility. Each student is taught the positive behaviour we expect. We begun our pb4L journey in 2020 and are committed to develop our school wide systems. This is incorporated with our existing virtues programme.

The virtues programme is an amazing programme that is focussed on seeing the best in each and every person, adult and child.  Moturoa incorporate The Virtues Project with our PB4L programme.

“The purpose of The Virtues Project is to help develop a culture of character where respect, patience, self-discipline, tolerance and joy for learning are among the virtues our children master.





Positive behaviour for learning
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