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Moturoa School is situated five minutes west of the city centre, under Paritutu Rock and next to Ngamotu Beach. It is also surrounded by beautiful native bush, known as Ngamotu Domain, and adjacent to the bustling Port of Taranaki. This provides not only a rich learning environment but a fantastic

location for a wide variety of recreational activities.

Taranaki’s first ‘Trees for Survival’ School and first ‘EnviroSchool’

Children’s natural curiosity in nature is encouraged at Moturoa School. A highly qualified Environmental Educationalist provides hands on lessons for the children and their teachers, who then utilise opportunities to encourage inquisitiveness, curiosity and wonderment about our natural world. This approach has lead Moturoa School to be awarded many regional and national awards for environmental education.

Home to the Montessori Primary School classes

Moturoa School is very fortunate to be the home of the oldest continuously running Montessori school in New Zealand. The Montessori teaching features holistic education, and embraces the philosophy of the virtues curriculum.

Together we GROW

At Moturoa School we strongly believe that, “it takes a village to raise a child”. We actively encourage and foster engagement with our families, community and business organisations that form the wider school community. From whanau hui to working bees, our school community gives us the strength to grow together.

Moturoa School was the first Trees for Survival School in Taranaki, with our propagation unit installed and up and running by December 1996 with the guidance of Bill Clarkson. It is located within the school grounds in close vicinity to classrooms.

Our ‘experts’ programme (Native Plant Study Group) at Moturoa School aims to provide a specialised learning programme for children that demonstrate a genuine interest in learning more about native plants, habitats and ecosystems and has a particular focus on endangered Taranaki coastal plants. It is expected that the children that become involved have elected to participate in the programme on their own volition and as well as pursuing their interests agree to take responsibility to share their interest and knowledge with other members of the school community and visitors to the

school. The experts programme is only one of three main strands of the integrated learning associated with the Trees for Survival programme which also includes classroom programmes and learning the skills of plant propagation.

Our ‘Delightful Discoverers’ Club is for children who are getting ready to start school at Moturoa. Run by our Junior school teachers, it aims to ensure your child has a smooth and effective transition to our school.

Our transition programme runs on Monday afternoons from 12.45pm to 3.pm and Wednesday mornings 11am-12.50pm. Twice a term on a Thursday (Normally week 2&6) we host a new to school group from 9.15am-11am. On this visit the teacher will work with the new children and chat to parents regarding collaborative teaching and play based learning.

If you are not yet enrolled with our school and would like to know more, please call Karlene with any questions you may have on 067510392.

This is an opportunity for your child to develop:

  • An awareness of early literacy and numeracy skills
  • A welcoming classroom environment so your child feels at home here.
  • An awareness of school routine, sharing lunch eating with us and then moving into the afternoon session.
  • The chance to see cooperation and key competencies in action through the Playful Learning curriculum.
  • An opportunity to make connections with other children


Welcome to our school. All of the staff here at
Moturoa School will do our very best to cater for
your family. We are a small, family centred school
with a big heart. Thank you for choosing us. We hope this pack will provide you with some answers to your questions about who we are.

Again, a warm welcome.


Parents are required to phone, email or text Karlene prior to the start of the day. Teachers mark the roll electronically in class at 9:05 and 1:10. The Office Administrator then follows up at 9:15 with any unexplained absences. These measures are taken for both safety and legal purposes.
If a child is absent from school on a consistent basis or for a sustained period of time, Karlene will notify the Principal and the Truancy Service.


We believe in healthy bodies means healthy minds. Physical activity, whether it is fitness, sport, outdoor education or swimming, is part of what we do at Moturoa School. We believe in physically engaging with our environment. Children are expected to participate in all physical activity.


The whole school assembly is on every second Friday at 2:15 until 2:50. Parents are always welcome to both to help celebrate students’ achievements and learn what is happening in our school.


Moturoa School is a PB4L (Positive Behaviour For Learning) School.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (BOT) has the responsibility of governing the school. Responsibilities include financial management, development and maintenance of property and school grounds, development of policy and ensuring the curriculum is taught. The Principal is the school leader in professional matters and in the day to day management of the school.

The board consists of:
Chairperson: Glen Robinson
Principal :Hamish Hislop
Staff Representative: Carolyn Weston (Korokio) Representatives: Cees Bevers, Hayden Owen,
Lauren Wallace, Jordan Hartley-Smith and Gillian Somers Minute Secretary: Karlene Jones

The board meets twice a term. Meetings begin at 6:00 on Wednesdays and finish at around 8:00. Meetings are held in the staffroom and are open to the public. If you wish to attend, phone the school office to find out the date of the next meeting.

Breakfast Club

We have a breakfast club each day it is needed. We provide Weetbix and milk and toast. All students are welcome. We always need parents to help run this. If you can help please contact the school Office Administrator.
Please save us all of your aluminium cans. We recycle them and turn them into cash for our school funds. The children take the cans to school any day of the week. The class with the greatest number wins the “Cans for Cash” trophy in assembly each fortnight.


We have four classrooms operating; three mainstream and one Montessori. Our classes are named after plants that are special to our school.
Korokio Carolyn Weston Years 5-6
Pohutukawa Kat McDonnell Years 3-4

Koromiko/Pinatoro Rachel, Zoë & Charlene Years 0- 6 Kōwhai/Puriri Max, Sarah & Melissa Years 0-2

Communication with School

We regard schooling as a partnership between parent/caregiver, student and teacher working together and supporting one another. The key to success between all of us is communication. We communicate with you through newsletters, Educa, facebook, email and our website. Moturoa School has an open-door policy which means parents are able to pop in to see learning in action.
If matters need to be discussed please make an appointment, so disruptions to learning are kept to a minimum.

Community Involvement

We rely on the support of our community to assist us with the smooth operation of our school. We have many volunteers who help out with sport, in classrooms, with outings and school maintenance. We would not be able to function as effectively without the support of our generous community volunteers.

Complaints and Concerns

From time to time in a people orientated activity such as schooling, there will be matters causing concern. If this does occur, it is important that the parties involved work together to obtain a constructive solution. It is best to have a win-win result. If the concern is about a child, the first point of contact is with the child’s classroom teacher. If the matter is not resolved, an appointment needs to be made with the Principal. When an adult has concerns about another adult, the first action is to talk directly with the person concerned.


When you enrol your child we gain consent for trips within walking distance, low risk trips, photos, facebook and internet safety.

Contact Details

If you change your address or phone numbers please inform Karlene so she can keep your records up to date. If we are unable to contact you in an emergency situation, we are able to act legally on your behalf.

Dental Clinic

Once your child is enrolled in our school, our Office Administrator notifies the Dental Clinic of your details and they deal directly with you from that point. Their contact details if you wish to make contact with them are:
Rangiatea Community Dental Clinic

131 South Road Ph 7513507


All devices are to remain at home unless teachers ask for them. Staff will accept responsibility for them whilst at school and will keep them in their care. Cell phones only come to school when approval has been sought in writing to the Principal. They will remain in the office secure box during school hours. They can be collected from the office at the close of the school day.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency evacuations are practiced regularly. Should you be on site during this time or in the event of a real emergency please follow the instructions of staff to ensure your safety. All buildings and classrooms display the Emergency Evacuation Procedures.


Delightful Discoveries is for all of our new 5 to 6 year olds to have familiarisation visits prior to commencing school. The parent is to remain with the child during these visits. Our Office Administrator will organise a suitable time between yourselves and our new entrant teachers. All enrolments are done through the office.

If you are enrolling your child for the first time in the New Zealand education system, you will need to present their immunisation documentation, a birth certificate and/or proof of New Zealand citizenship. If your child is enrolling from another school, please bring any books your child has been working in and evidence of where your child is at eg school reports. We will contact the child’s previous school to request their formal records.

Environmental Education

Moturoa School prides itself on its environmental education programme. This renowned programme consists of three parts. Firstly, Bill works with all children across the school teaching them about rare and endangered Taranaki native plants. He runs our propagation unit that is sponsored by Rotary West. Secondly, Bill trains our Native Plant Study Group (a select group of students with an interest in saving special plants from Taranaki) to know and understand these plants so they can impart their knowledge when they represent our school as Tour Guides for our guests. Thirdly, we run an enviro-schools group. This group investigates our school’s environment and explores ways of ensuring our sustainable practices.
Our students often work alongside the Department of Conservation, NPDC and the Taranaki Regional Council, to plant and restore fragile parts of Taranaki environment.
Over the years, we have won many awards for our conservation work and service to our community.


The school’s face book page is https://www.facebook.com/moturoaprimaryschool and is great source for regular updates on our activities and highlights inside and outside of school. Please “like” our page and share it with your family and friends.


Upon enrolment at our school, we ask that stationery is purchased so they are ready to begin to learn.
Your child will also need a red school hat, which the school will provide. If this is lost the it will cost of $16 for a replacement.

We are part of the National Donation Scheme. We do not ask for a donation. Sometimes extra curricula activities will have a cost. These costs are for activities not covered in the National Donation Scheme.

First Aid

Our staff is trained in basic first aid. We treat minor accidents that occur at school. We contact you in the event of a more serious incident. In an emergency, we dial 111 and you at the earliest available time.

Head Lice

We ask that you regularly check your child’s hair for head lice and treat accordingly. Should your child be at school with head lice, we will call you to come and treat your child’s hair. A class covering letter will be sent home if head lice are found.

Hours of Work

All staff work different hours. The Office Administrator opens the office at 8:30 and finishes at 3:00.

Leadership Team

Principal: Hamish Hislop
Deputy Principal: Carolyn Weston Montessori Leader: Rachel Ammundsen Senior Teacher Junior School: Max Pringle

Leave from School

If your child is to be absent from school for part of a day, you must sign them out and back in upon their return at the school office in the day book.
If you intend to take your child out of school for longer than 5 day during school term time, you must notify the Principal.

Lost Property

A basket is situated inside the office foyer. At the close of each day, belongings are placed in there. At the end of the week, the staff puts them on a rack in the outside shed. Children are expected to be responsible for their own belongings, however families support their children by looking through the pile of lost items and claim what is theirs. All named clothing is return to the owner. At the end of the term all items are taken and placed in the nearby clothing bin and donated to charity.

Lunch Eating

Lunchtime is from 12:50 to 1:00. Children are to remain seated whilst eating. The teacher supervises and may check what they have eaten. If a child does not have lunch, the teacher will inform the Principal who will make a note of this.

Lunch Orders

Lunches are provided on Mondays. Lunch order forms are available in the foyer and can be dropped into a box there. It is always $5. Orders must be in by Friday 9:15am. The correct money can be placed in an envelope with the order form inside.
On Friday’s subway is available via lunchonline.co.nz. Check them out.


It is the responsibility of the family to ensure correct medication and dosing instructions are written down clearly for the Office Administrator to administer the medication. Written consent is to be provided by you. There is a book to sign at our office with regards to this.


If you have to pass on a message, please do so at the school office. Karlene will pass on the information.


This is our main form of communication. Newsletters are emailed to all families fortnightly. They are produced on even weeks.


Families park out on the road. The car park is a busy place and reserved for staff, visitors, couriers and those parents of children with special needs who have a current disability sticker. These families use the disabled parks close to the main corridor.

Pedestrian Crossing

When dropping off and picking up your child, please use the crossing and set a positive example for your child. The road is narrow and with cars parked either side visibility is poor. The safety of your child is paramount.

Skool Loop App

Download from the app store and keep up to date with the latest newsletter, push notifications, direct text messaging and emailing from/to the school and absence line.

Personal Belongings

Please ensure personal belongings are not brought to school. Conflict arises or friendships are damaged when toys are lost or broken. If we do see them, they will be confiscated and you will need to come collect them for your child.

Reporting to Parents/Caregivers

Frequent communication on your child’s progress is vital to ensure that home and school are working together in the schooling process. This reporting comes in a number of forms:
♣ Informal meetings
♣ Scheduled meetings between the parent and teacher

♣ Formal conferences between the teacher, parent and student
♣ Written Reports on progress in Term 2 and Term 4
♣ Whole school events throughout the year when you can observe your child learning and engaging with the curriculum
We encourage parents to be engaged in their child’s learning and encourage them to attend all school events.

Road Patrol

The senior students are our road patrol wardens. Those selected undergo training with the local police. They have a rostered day. Students are expected to honour their commitment. These types of opportunities provide them with extra responsibility. It also teaches them about service to the school.

School Support

We are fortunate to have the support of a strong network of caring professionals who we can call on if the need arises. These support services are:
Child Youth and Family
New Plymouth Principals’ Federation

Northern Health School
Ministry of Education
Public Health Nurse
Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour Resource Teacher: Literacy

Social Worker in Schools
Truancy Service
If you require more information or support contact is made through the Principal.


If your child is sick at school you or your emergency contact will be called to collect them. It is important for you to keep your child at home if they feel unwell, as we want to minimise the spread of infection.

Sports Teams

At Moturoa School we are proud of our teams. We wear our uniforms with pride. We participate in miniball, hockey, touch, netball and soccer. We enter in local competitions like ripper rugby and cross country as well.


Each class has a list of requirements to suit that particular age level. These are to be purchased prior to your child beginning school, so they are ready to learn. We use Office Max as our preferred supplier. Packs are available at the start of the year online at www.theschoolstore.co.nz It is vital that all students have the right equipment they need to support them with their learning.

Karlene has limited stationery available to purchase in the office if your child is not starting on day 1 of the term. Ask her if one is available and she can add it to your account.

Sun Smart School

A school hat with our logo will be provided prior to your child starting school. A replacement hat will cost $16. There are 2 sizes to choose from. All children must wear their own hat in terms 1 and 4, as no hat means no play. Children must remain in the shade if they do not wear their hat. We provide sunscreen as part of being a “Sun Smart School.”


8:30 Students can arrive at school 9:00 Learning begins 11.00Interval break
11:20Class learning time 12:50Lunch break

1:50 Bell rings to prepare children for the afternoon learning session
2:00 Class learning time
3:00 School day ends- grounds cleared, unless parents remain to supervise their child at play

Water Only

Students are required to bring their own named water bottles to keep at school. We are a water only school.


Our school website is www.moturoa.school.nz
Please let us know if something has changed and we have not picked it up.


We welcome new families to our school at the start of each term. You will receive your invite in the mail.

Withdrawal of Students

Parents of children who are leaving are asked to notify the school office a few days beforehand. When leaving, children are to take all books and stationery belonging to them. Please return all books and resources belonging to our school, to the class teacher.


Moturoa School is a virtues school. The virtues and PB4L support our behaviour management plan.

Yummy Stickers

We collect the stickers from the fruit and send them away. In return we receive free sports gear.

Enviroschools is a programme that Moturoa School runs that supports children and young people to plan, design and implement sustainability actions. We action projects with environmental and educational outcomes that benefit the school and wider community.

In November 2018 we gained the Green Gold Enviroschool status . To achieve this status we need to showcase our whakatau skills, the children’s shared their knowledge in their classrooms, the Native Plant Study Group talked about their work, our school performed Kapahaka and shared a waiata, our virtues and curriculum programme and shared a powerpoint presentation of our Enviroschools journey thus far.

The Enviroschool programme is about setting our children, our future on a healthy, peaceful and sustainable journey. Through this programme run five guiding principles:

  • Empowering students
  • Sustainable communities
  • Learning for sustainability
  • Māori perspectives
  • Respect for the diversity of people and culture We follow an action learning cycle; that is to say that the students gather information and ideas/data on a particular issue and then follow through with exploring the issue and then planning, taking action and reflecting. Enviroschool practices are employed throughout the school and we have a dedicated team of passionate students who drive new ventures within the school. Our Enviroschool ethos interweaves so well with our Trees for Survival programme. www.enviroschools.org.nz

Te Kura 0 Moturoa

Established 1923

Our Vision – Te Kitenga

Together we GROW
Gratitude. Resilient, Orderly and Wonder.


Mā te mahi o te katoa, ka eke By the work of all, we will rise.

Learner’s Chorus

I discover and explore
I show excellence in all that I do I stand for a peaceful world
I hold my learning in my hands

I am a learner forever.

If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us to make an appointment to meet with Hamish Hislop, our Principal. He would welcome the opportunity to meet you and show you around our family orientated school.


06 751 0392
45 Pioneer Road, New Plymouth 4310

Our School


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