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In May, 1915 the Taranaki Education Board was urged to create a school between Moturoa and Spotswood. The junction of the Main South Road and Pioneer Road was the site suggested. Nothing was decided.

In June, 1916 A schools inspector reported to the board that about 60 children would attend if a full standard school were established at Moturoa, to be operated as a “side school” with West End.

In February, 1917 the board urged the purchase of a site and provision of a school to relieve the congestion at West End School. In January, 1919 the board had applied for a grant to buy a site on Pioneer Road, near Parris Street.

In 1922 a grant for a three-room school on the four-acre prison reserve was approved.

In March 19, 1923 the department told the board it had approved the opening of Moturoa School as a full standard school, instead of an infant school as first proposed.

On April 4, 1923 the school was opened at 9 a.m. – without an official opening ceremony, which was planned for a later date.

The staff comprised of Mr. F Rogers (head teacher), Mrs Whitaker and Mrs Rowland (assistants). There were 125 pupils, organised provisionally into three departments: 44 Infants (Mrs Rowland), 46 in Standards 1 – 3 (Mrs Whitaker) and 35 in Standards 4 – 6.

The school celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1998. Since 2006 the school has been home to the two primary classes of the New Plymouth Montessori school, which was previously at the (now closed) Kaimiro School near Egmont Village. Moturoa School was the first Enviroschool in Taranaki. 

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